Replace Teeth with Dentures in Greeley

Sets of full and partial dentures in Greeley, COIt is estimated that over 36 million people in the United States are missing one or more teeth and over 120 million Americans are missing all of their teeth!  

At Norco Family Dental, we understand it can be extremely frustrating if you can't eat food comfortably or you don't like the appearance of your smile. Dr. Buffington and Dr. Stewart have worked with countless patients to restore missing teeth and improve function with a set of complete or partial dentures

Full Dentures to Replace All Teeth

A complete denture set is an acrylic prosthetic device that mimics the look of healthy teeth and gums. There are two types – conventional and immediate.

A conventional denture is fabricated when all remaining teeth are removed and the gums have been allowed to heal, a process that can take anywhere from three to four months. After healing, the denture is fabricated. Patients have the option of wearing an immediate denture during this time so they are never without teeth.  

An immediate denture is fabricated before the teeth are removed, and when the teeth are removed, the denture is placed. This is an excellent temporary option, and the patient is never without teeth. 

Partial Dentures for Multiple Missing Teeth

A partial denture is similar to a complete denture but uses existing healthy teeth as anchors to secure the denture. It's made of the same acrylic, but often has a metal reinforcement to give it strength. With so many improvements and advances in dentistry, partial dentures are a wonderful option for patients missing more than one tooth.

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If you have any questions about restoring your teeth and whether dentures might be an option for you, please contact Norco Family Dental in Greeley, CO at (970) 356-5277. They will sit down with you and answer any questions you might have.

Both doctors are personable and extremely easy to talk to, and they know how important it is to be on the same page. And they will most likely make you laugh while they are doing it!

We are open outside of normal business hours for your convenience! We have extended hours on certain days to facilitate seeing you when it's convenient for you. We accept most conventional insurances, and we will be happy to submit your claim on your behalf. It's impossible to not take advantage of all the advances in the field of dentistry, and we are a modern dental office filled with state-of-the-art technology.

Norco Family Dental is super easy to access and is conveniently located at 10th and 71st right next to King Soopers in Greeley, CO. Dr. Stewart and Dr. Buffington have been best friends since they were 13 years old. They will love getting to know you, and chances are, you'll have a good time getting to know them!