Pediatric Dentistry in West Greeley, CO

If there’s one thing we love here at Norco Family Dental, it’s working with children of all ages! Our dentists and dental staff have a passion for pediatric dentistry and for helping the smallest members of your family learn excellent dental habits beginning at an early age.

Between the two of them, our experienced dentists Dr. Stewart and Dr. Buffington have nine kids of their own! Both have years of practice relating to kids and are extremely comfortable talking with children of any age. In fact, by showing them a little interest and attention, our doctors are often able to work with children who might not otherwise sit for treatment.

Because we strive to be your family dentist in Greeley, we’re proud to offer exceptional pediatric dental care right here under the same roof where the rest of your family can also receive the treatment they need. If you’re the parent of small children and are searching for a new children’s dentist, we invite you to learn more about our family-centered dental practice by reading below. 

When you’re ready to schedule a dental appointment for your child, please contact us at any time by calling (970) 356-5277 or by using our online contact form. 

Early Childhood Dental Care

From the ages of six months to around 12 years, children possess mainly baby teeth. Also known as deciduous teeth, they differ from adult teeth in that they are smaller, softer, and have shorter roots. 

As soon as your child develops their first few baby teeth, they should begin to see a dentist every six months. While it may parents holding their kids on their shoulders near our Children's dentist in Greeley, COseem silly to bring a toddler to the dentist, this early childhood dental care is what helps keep their teeth healthy as they age. 

Baby teeth are prone to cavities just like adult teeth, and if not maintained with proper brushing and flossing, can become damaged, sometimes irreversibly. Additionally, “baby bottle tooth decay” commonly causes oral health problems in young children who drink large quantities of milk, juice, and other sweetened beverages. Even though your child’s baby teeth are not permanent, these teeth need to stay healthy so that permanent ones can develop at the right time to take their place.

As your Greeley children’s dentist, we want to teach our pediatric patients how to protect their smiles and educate parents about the ways they can help. If your children are infants or young toddlers, you will need to brush and floss their teeth for them until they’re old enough to clean their teeth on their own. As your children grow, you can supervise their brushing and flossing habits until they can comfortably perform the tasks without any help. 

To help your child keep their baby teeth clean, you can:

  • Perform or supervise tooth brushing as appropriate based on age
  • Help make dental health fun by buying your child a toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character on it or providing a toothpaste that “sparkles” or has a fruity flavor.
  • Incorporate brushing and flossing into your family’s routine, and gather to make cleaning your teeth an activity everyone does together.
  • Set up a small reward system for successful tooth brushing or dental visits, such as a trip to the pool or watching your child’s favorite movie.
  • Initiate positive conversations about the dentist while at home, and don’t share any personal fears you may have about the dentist with your child.

By visiting the dentist early on, we can help kids develop good habits that will carry them through the rest of their lives. A little effort at the beginning goes a long way!

Your Child’s First Visit to Our Pediatric Dentists

The first few times you bring your young child to the dentist, they will understandably feel overwhelmed or maybe even a little afraid. The best thing you can do as their parent is to maintain consistency and keep coming back for regular “exposure” visits so your child can slowly become more comfortable sitting in the dental chair. 

Group of children playing in the grass near our Pediatric Dentist in Greeley COOne of the essential facets of pediatric dentistry is that we don’t force children to undergo treatment. The doctors and dental staff at Norco Family Dental spend considerable effort in getting to know your child and doing everything possible to make him/her feel safe in their environment. We believe that a little time spent upfront in creating a relationship will lead to a lifetime of cooperation and trust. And with little kids, trust is paramount! 

The best time to visit a dentist for an initial visit is between two and three years of age. We refer to these dental appointments as “happy visits” and use them to grow trust with your child. Our doctors will show them instruments, give stickers and prizes, and count their teeth. As children learn to trust us, it becomes easier to take x-rays and conduct exams so we can ensure that your child’s teeth are well cared for. 

After your child’s first visit to our Greeley children’s dentists, they will need to return regularly for their routine dental checkups. Children, just like adults, should see the dentist at least twice each year for maintenance visits. During these dental appointments, we will monitor your child’s smile for any signs of cavities, wisdom tooth growth, gum disease, or orthodontic needs. 

Children's Orthodontics

Many parents wonder about braces and when (or if) they should take their child to visit an orthodontist. At Norco Family Dental, we work closely with most orthodontists in town, and we do our best to take advantage of windows of growth to ensure the best orthodontic care.Children's dentistry patient smiling with braces in Greeley, CO

For example, from ages seven to nine, growth in the mandible and maxilla allows us to correct overbites and underbites easily. Because we generally place braces after primary teeth are lost, and permanent teeth are in place, a consultation with an orthodontist well before this time ensures that we can perform the needed treatment at the proper time. 

Orthodontics and general children’s dentistry share a connection, which is just another vital reason to keep your child up-to-date on their routine dental care. The more often we see your child for their dental cleanings and exams, the better care and advice we can offer when it comes to designing their orthodontic treatment. 

If you have questions about orthodontics in Greeley or need a referral for a specific orthodontist in the area, we’re happy to work with you. 

Schedule a Visit With Our Family Dentist in Greeley, CO!

At Norco Family Dental, we understand how important quality pediatric dentistry is. We work hard to make visiting the dentist an enjoyable experience for your family because we want to set our patients up for dental success. 

If you have questions about your child’s brushing or flossing habits, or if you want to talk to a children’s dentist about any oral health concerns you have, you can schedule a dental visit with Dr. BJ Stewart or Dr. Shawn Buffington.

It’s our commitment to you to do our best to make your kids like coming to the dentist. Contact our Greeley, CO dental office to arrange a convenient time for you and your child to stop by for a visit – you’ll be glad you did!