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How long does it take to place a crown on a tooth?

Dentists often turn to crowns for teeth that have damage of some kind: cracks, chips, fractures, or even severe discoloration. Artificial tooth caps are excellent replacements for real, broken teeth crowns that need a little bolstering or protection. 

Procedure for Crowns at Norco Family Dental

Man looking into mirror at dentist in Greeley COUnless a dental crown is a same-day crown, the process will require two separate appointments to design and place. The first dental visit at Norco Family Dental is primarily for taking dental impressions and preparing the tooth to receive the tooth. 

The second dental appointment is where the dentist will actually place the crown and permanently attach it to the existing tooth structure. This entire appointment usually takes about 30 minutes, with the crown placement only taking a few minutes at most. Placing a crown on a tooth is usually the final step in the restoration process, and it hardly takes any time at all!

When you need one or more dental crowns in Greeley, CO, your dentist will cement the artificial cap to your natural tooth using special dental bonding material. Once your crown is intact, you’re free to leave our dental office and carry on with your day!

The area may feel sensitive for several days after your visit, so we always recommend sticking to liquids and soft foods and avoiding any food that is hard, chewy, or sticky until your mouth feels more comfortable. 

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