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How painful is a root canal?

Root canals are perhaps the most misunderstood of dental treatments. For decades, people of all ages have shuddered at the thought of a root canal, but modern dentistry makes it just as easy as a dental filling. Often, people conflate the pain from an infected tooth with the root canal treatment itself. But really, root canal treatment relieves pain

Gentle, Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment 

At Norco Family Dental in Greeley, CO, we provide gentle, pain-free root canals. Before starting the procedure, we ensure the patient is entirely comfortable and at ease. We can administer nitrous oxide ("laughing gas") to create a more tranquil and relaxing experience if needed. 

Our modern, adjustable dental chairs allow patients to recline and rest during their treatment. Your dentist then administers a local anesthetic to numb the area we'll be working in the patient's mouth. The numbing agent dulls any sensations in and around the tooth. 

Your dentist then carefully creates an access point to remove the infected tooth material. Once cleared, he cleans the tooth and applies a healing agent and temporary filling to protect it from further infection. Later, he seals the tooth with a custom-made restoration––either a tooth-colored filling or dental crown

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