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What to do when your dental crowns are turning yellow?

If your crown turns yellow, please call us so we can determine the cause and provide the proper treatment. The treatment our dentists recommend will depend on the cause of the issue, if the natural tooth structure is compromised, and more.

How We Treat Yellow Crowns 

A Simple Dental Cleaning

Some crowns are more susceptible to staining than others. A simple dental cleaning may do the trick if your crown looks lackluster or yellow in hue. Over time, surface stains––especially from tobacco and acidic foods like tomatoes or alcohol––can build and require more than regular brushing and flossing. Though these stains can’t penetrate the crown, your dentist can thoroughly clean your teeth and crown to restore their pearly shine. 

Crown Replacement 

A damaged crown can endanger the underlying tooth’s structure and health. Damaged crowns can also appear yellow if the glaze or surface of the crown deteriorates. If you have a damaged or discolored crown, our dentists will be happy to replace the crown with a new one. Before securing the new crown, we will clean the underlying tooth to prevent damage and decay. 

Why Crowns Can Sometimes Turn Yellow 

Non-ceramic dental crowns may turn yellow for many reasons, including damage to the crown’s surface or glaze and damage when adjusting to the new crown. A dental crown may also appear discolored if you recently received a whitening treatment, as crowns cannot be whitened and look mismatched in color compared to natural teeth.  

Yellowed Crowns Got You Down?

Our dental crowns in Greeley, CO, are of the highest quality and can give you a bright smile for years. If you have a discolored or damaged dental crown, please contact us immediately so we can repair your smile. 

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