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How can I avoid cavities?

Avoiding cavities comes down to good daily dental care routines and routine visits to your Greeley, CO general dentist. Here are some tips for establishing those daily routines that will help you avoid cavities.

Build Your At-Home Oral Hygiene Routine

Every morning and evening, you should have a routine in place for oral care. Work with your dentist to make sure you are brushing your teeth and flossing correctly.

Establishing the habit is the hardest part to start, and forcing yourself to build this routine can feel like a chore, but once you have formed the habit, you will hardly think about it at all. 

Brush Your Teeth Properly

It would be best if you brush as long as it takes to get your teeth clean. Focus more on making sure you have scrubbed every surface thoroughly. You should be brushing your teeth for around two minutes.

Avoid Sugary and Highly Acidic Foods and Drinks

Both sugar and acid pose risks to tooth enamel health, and sugar provides the perfect food for the bacteria that cause tooth decay. If you can't avoid everything sweet or acidic, be prepared to brush soon after eating to keep your teeth the healthiest they can be.

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