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What Does a Root Canal Procedure Look Like at Norco Family Dental?

August 30, 2021
Posted By: Norco Family Dental
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When you arrive at Norco Family Dental, our friendly staff will help you with any necessary paperwork and help you get comfortable. Before the root canal procedure begins, the dentist numbs the location using a local anesthetic. If you have discussed light sedation or general anesthesia with our dentist in Greeley and decided on one of those, they will administer it. 

Any type of light sedation, other than laughing gas, will prevent you from driving home. So, arranging a ride home will be necessary. After the area goes numb, the dentist begins the root canal.

The Root Canal Procedure at Norco Family Dental

You may experience pressure and vibration in your jaw as the dentist works. This can cause mild discomfort for some patients, but it should not hurt. During the process, the dentist will make sure that you are doing well. Once the affected area is cleaned out and sanitized, the dentist will fill the root, sealing it off in the process to protect it from another infection. Most patients recover within a day.

Schedule Comfortable Root Canal Treatment in Greeley, CO

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