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We Are Available for Your Dental Emergencies

May 25, 2020
Posted By: Norco Family Dental
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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of uncertainty and difficulty for many patients in Greeley, CO, and nationwide.

With many dental practices temporarily shutting down, people have had to go without their regular dental cleanings and exams. Even with rigorous daily brushing and flossing, dental emergencies may be on the rise. 

What Happens If I Have a Dental Emergency?

Dr. Stewart and Dr. Buffington are always here for patients who need assistance with their oral health. Dental emergency care in Greeley, CO is not going anywhere; we are available for our patients—especially when they are facing difficult and painful oral health situations.

The central theme with dental emergencies is that they tend to spring up out of nowhere. One day you're enjoying a peaceful bike ride, and suddenly you're incredibly aware of a throbbing tooth pain that seems to be getting stronger. 

How Dental Emergencies Grow

Many oral health situations like tooth decay, infection, gum disease, cavities, and more tend to be silent as they grow. Very few dental health problems will let you know early on there's a significant storm brewing. By the time you start to notice the following, it is sometimes too late to prevent a dental emergency:

  • Tooth pain
  • Unusual sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Chronic bad breath even after brushing and flossing
  • Swollen and bleeding gums
  • Inflammation
  • Jaw pain

While we always prefer to see our patients under different—and less stressful—scenarios, we want you to know that we remain accessible to help manage and relieve your pain while we diagnose your dental health issue. 

Call Us Immediately If You Are Experiencing Dental Pain

Tooth, gum, and jaw pain is no joke. For our Norco Family Dental patients, it can be debilitating and excruciating. We recommend calling us right away so we can arrange to see you the same day to treat your pain. We appreciate how hard it can be to try to live through the anxiety and stress of oral pain, which is why we're always available to help manage it. 

Dental pain is almost always a sign of underlying problems; it will not go away on its own. So don't try to tough it out! Call us right away.

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