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Are Clip-On Veneers Worth It?

June 28, 2021
Posted By: Norco Family Dental
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When it comes to cosmetic dentistry trends, some catch on more quickly and successfully than others. In recent years, one fad that has stood out among the rest is clip-on veneers. 

These “instant teeth” claim to give you a beautiful smile makeover without the effort, time, or money required by traditional veneers—but the question remains whether they are worth the investment.

At Norco Family Dental, we believe that the only veneers worth pursuing are real, porcelain veneers that become a permanent part of your smile. Any other device promising a quick fix will usually leave you feeling disappointed and even in physical pain! 

The Dangers of Clip-On Veneers

Aside from the low price tag, there are few attractive things about instant costume veneers. In addition to looking very fake and bulky, clip-on teeth also pose real threats to your oral health and the comfort of your gums. 

Clip-on veneers can:

  • Cause extreme friction from constant removal and insertion, which means they rub against your teeth and wear down your enamel 
  • Lead to foul smells if food gets trapped between your teeth and the veneers or if you don’t keep the veneers clean enough
  • Irritate your gum tissue and the inside of your lips due to their bulky nature
  • Alter your bite and lead to jaw pain and sore teeth

Porcelain Veneers in Greeley, CO

False clip-on teeth will never look natural or fit your mouth the way that customized porcelain veneers will. Because clip-on veneers are not designed to be a permanent solution and should never stay on your teeth for long, you’re much better off with a set of attractive, durable veneers placed by a knowledgeable cosmetic dentist. 

When you choose real veneers over cheap, poorly made alternatives, you give your smile the very best treatment and protect it against the painful wear and tear that often occurs with copycat products. 

For excellent cosmetic dentistry in Greeley, CO, we invite you to choose Norco Family Dental—a small, family dental practice run by two dentists who have been lifelong friends. If you’re interested in improving your smile with porcelain veneers, please give us a call at (970) 356-5277 today.

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