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Meet the Team at Norco Family Dental

Have you ever been somewhere where you felt like a fish out of water? Perhaps you didn’t know anybody or didn’t know what you were supposed to do and felt lost?

It’s a crummy feeling and one we’ve all felt and hate. But if there’s one thing that makes Norco Family Dental different than the rest, it’s making you feel comfortable – and we know that begins with our team.

We care for each person who walks through our door. And while you might ask yourself how it’s possible to care for each and every person, we believe the answer is because we take the time to get to know you! Each patient has a history, and we know that if one just takes the time to get to know someone, it’s easy to care! 

But in addition to the above, the staff and doctors at Norco Family Dental have decades of experience in the dental field. They take each moment as a learning experience and strive to do better every patient, every day. 

To us, your dental experience begins the minute you walk in the door. From your check-in at the front desk to the hygienist and from the dental assistant to the doctor, we promise to get to know you, take good care of you, and make you feel at home. 

Dr. Stewart and Dr. Buffington – A Unique Friendship

Drs. Stewart and Buffington are unique partners. How so? Because they’ve been best friends and basically inseparable since they were 13 years old.

It all began with a race in PE class. Each thought he was “faster” than the other. But a foot race quickly turned into a fast friendship and one that has endured the test of time.

These two are unique in the sense that while they were teenagers, they were planning a way to work together as adults. Little did they know they would both go to the University of Louisville dental school, become dentists and realize their dream in Northern Colorado.

Another interesting tidbit; The name “Norco Family Dental” doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Dr. Stewart and Dr. Buffington actually grew up in “Norco” California, a small horse town in the middle of the great hustle and bustle of Southern California.

Headshot of Dr BJ Stewart our dentist in Greeley, CO

Dr. BJ Stewart

The first thing you should learn about Dr. Stewart is that he truly cares about people. And that he’s a goofball. Put those two things together and you’ve got a doc who will make you laugh at the same time that you feel like the dentist “isn’t so bad after all.” Talk with him for a few minutes and you’ll see what we mean.

Dental Education

You already know where he grew up (see above), but you should know that he did his undergraduate education at Brigham Young University and his dental education at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. And that he has a wonderful wife and four wonderful children (none of whom want to grow up and be a dentist at this point).

Dr. Stewart loves everything Apple. He’s addicted to Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. He loves being with his family (all 26 of them) who all live in town, and he loves movies, the Los Angeles Angels, and Pringles.

Dr. Shawn Buffington , DMD a Dentist Greeley 80634

Dr. Shawn Buffington, DMD

Dr. Buffington, originally from Kansas, has had one heck of an upbringing.  He grew up in a single-parent household and bounced around from city to city until he landed in Norco, where he met Dr. Stewart.  Before (and even during) this time, he often went without basic necessities like food, transportation to school, and a home.  But he was somehow able to navigate through those difficulties, get an education, and became the dentist he is today.

Not only is he the only doctor in his family, but he's also the only college graduate. It was his difficult childhood and teenage years that gave him a lot of his drive to become successful. In the ways that he received help, he wanted to be able to return the favor to others. Dr. Buffington always looks for ways to help and bless others' lives. You can often find him giving his time and resources to help to those in need.  

Dr. Buffington and his wife Emily are the parents of 5 children ranging in age from 3 to 17. They have a wonderful family, and it's clear to anyone who sees them together that they are finding joy in the journey they navigate together. He also loves football, although he wasn't as good as Dr. Stewart growing up.  

Headshot of dental assistant Michelle at Norco Family Dental in West Greeley, CO

Michelle Dirks

Dental Assistant

Michelle is one of our lead dental assistants here at Norco and has been in the dental field for almost 20 years! The first thing you’ll notice when you meet her is how happy she is. You’ll know right away that she truly cares about you…and the truth is, she does! She’s been married 18 years, has two wonderful children (one of which is a nationally known race car driver at age 15!!).  In fact, Michelle (also a racer) had a car slam on his brakes in front of her and she subsequently crashed into the wall to avoid him. Needless to say she lost.  

When she’s not doing dentistry, she can be found depositing money into her daughter Hannah’s account after she calls “needing some gas!”. Trust us, we’ve tried to get her to expand to other recipients….but as of today…it’s just Hannah!     

Headshot of Nicole Garcia a dental assistant at our Greeley, CO dental office

Nicole Garcia


Nicole is an 11 year veteran with the practice (and dental hygiene) and absolutely loves helping people love their smiles. You wouldn’t know it unless you asked, but if she’s not cutting a rug on the dance floor (trust us, we’ve seen it), then she’s conning people into playing pool with her. Seriously though, she loves pool, plays in competitive leagues multiple times each year and just loves having a good time with whoever wants to play.  

Her love of the Broncos and her rivalry with Dr. Buffington’s Chiefs result in some pretty interesting Mondays. You might see her wearing a Chiefs jersey or you might notice Dr. Buffington wearing a Broncos jersey. Either way, Nicoles makes each day awesome!

Headshot of Kyla Jones a registered dental hygienist at Norco Family Dental in 80634

Kyla Jones, RDH


Kyla, the newest addition to the Norco team, is definitely not new to hygiene. She was introduced to dentistry at a young age as her mother was a long time dental assistant. It wasn't very long after she finished high school that she applied for and was accepted into hygiene school. She's been practicing for over 10 years. 

Originally from Illinois, Kyla has been in Colorado for the last 10 years has a wonderful son names Alexander and 2 cats.



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