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Greeley Preventive Dentistry

Preventive care is about good homecare habits, regular dental checkups, and treating problems at their earliest appearances. Brushing and flossing every day can keep your gums and teeth in good health, which is important for your overall health, too. Gum disease has been linked to numerous systemic health issues such as coronary artery disease, non-fatal strokes, rheumatoid arthritis, and premature births. At Norco Family Dental, Dr. Forney and his experienced, compassionate team want you to have a healthy and beautiful smile. Preventing or treating gum disease, tooth decay, and other common dental ailments will ensure you feel as good as you look!

We serve the oral healthcare needs of families in the Greeley area. We see everyone, from toddlers to seniors, and have the training and vast experience to provide preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry at every level. We seek to give you the best oral healthcare experience possible at Norco Family Dental. We take care to make you feel comfortable before and during your treatments.

Better Oral Health from Norco Family Dental

At Norco Family Dental, our wonderful and experienced dental professionals offer a comprehensive, compassionate approach to your oral healthcare. In Greeley, Colorado, we have a modern practice with state-of-the-art clinical and patient comfort technology. Our entire office is well equipped to meet the comprehensive dental needs of today’s patients.

Norco Family Dental provides friendly professionalism, anxiety-free treatments, and a full range of services to create optimal dental health. We want you to feel completely at ease with your procedure—whether it’s for a regular teeth cleaning or a total smile makeover. Our compassionate team, cozy treatment rooms, and patient amenities are all elements of our comfortable care. Our technology also allows us to create a relaxing, positive experience for your cosmetic and restorative dentistry appointments.

Regular Checkups

Performing daily homecare and scheduling regular dental checkups at Norco Family Dental are two major aspects of preventive care. Taking care of problems right away also ensures the lifetime health of your teeth and gums. Regular checkups should occur at least once every six months at our Greeley dental practice. Meeting with Dr. Mark Forney at least twice a year allows him to check your teeth and gums for infection and decay as well as screen you for TMJ disorder, bruxism and oral cancer.

Oral Hygiene

Your oral hygiene routine should consist of brushing two times every day, flossing once daily, and some patients also include a fluoridated oral rinse once a day. You might also consider using a rinse that has a peroxide ingredient, which will help combat gum disease and whiten your enamel. If you want to better control bad breath, we recommend getting a tongue scraper or cleaner to remove the bacteria and food particles that accumulate on the back of your tongue. At Norco Family Dental, we’ll be happy to discuss the best products and techniques for your dental wellbeing. We enjoy educating our patients about oral healthcare to ensure good checkups!

Gum Disease

Gum disease begins with plaque, which is a yellowish material that clings to your teeth and can get under your gums. Failure to brush and floss every day allows plaque to harden into tartar. Tartar should be professionally removed from your teeth at least every 6 months. If it’s not, tartar build up can irritate or infect your gums, potentially developing into periodontal (gum) disease. Left untreated, periodontal disease can cause damage to your teeth, gums, and even your jawbone! In fact, the number one reason for tooth loss in American adults is untreated gum disease. At our Greeley restorative dental practice, we can treat your infected periodontal tissue with gum disease therapy.

Cavity Preventions

Norco Family Dental seeks to provide our patients with the best of care during each and every dental visit. We know that a healthy smile is a beautiful smile too, and our Greeley family dentist can give your teeth additional cavity protections to keep your smile looking great. We offer two services that ensure your teeth against decay: fluoride supplements and dental sealants. Fluoride supplements can be applied during a regular checkup or cleaning appointment. The supplement is placed into a mouth tray, which patients only need to wear a few minutes. The extra fluoride protects your teeth between regular family dental visits. Dental sealants are used for the back teeth, where bacteria and food get trapped most frequently. Biocompatible plastic is sparingly applied to the decay-free molars, protecting your teeth from cavities for years!

Sealants – For the Kids

When it comes to decay, some smiles could benefit from a little extra protection. This is especially true, when it comes to caring for our littlest smiles. Dental sealants provide added protection for your child’s developing bite. Sealants, made from a plastic substance, are applied as a liquid to a patient’s molars and to areas where deep pits and grooves can harbor bacteria. Then, after the patient’s sealants have dried, they’ll form a barrier protecting vulnerable enamel from harmful, acidic bacteria. The entire process only takes between 10 and 45 minutes but can provide your child lasting protection for up to 10 years.

Automatic Toothbrushes by Oral-B

As effective as brushing with a traditional toothbrush can be, it’s possible to achieve even better results with an automatic toothbrush from Oral-B. The bristles of Oral-B’s advanced brushes surround each tooth to remove more plaque, ensuring that both your teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned and stay healthier. If you’d like to know how an Oral-B toothbrush could change your life, make an appointment with Dr. Forney and the rest of his Greeley dental team.

Treating Bruxism with Custom-Made Nightguards

Do you unconsciously grind or clench your teeth while you sleep? This condition, known as bruxism, can have a serious impact on your oral health and overall wellbeing. Thankfully, it can often be treated with a special oral appliance known as a nightguard. A nightguard fits over your teeth, protecting them from the damaging effects of unconscious grinding and clenching. More specifically, nightguards are intended to be worn during sleep, when patients who struggle with bruxism experience the most trouble. Make your appointment today to learn how a custom nightguard can help you sleep better and protect your smile.

Sportsguards for Active Patients

When you think about the most important protective gear for athletics, what comes to mind? If “sportsguards,” or mouthguards didn’t rank very high, you might want to reconsider your list. Around 40 percent of all sports related injuries involve the face while studies have shown between 13 and 39 percent of all traumatic dental injuries occur while engaging in athletic competition. These statistics show just how important wearing a sportsguards can be. If you or someone else in your family loves being active but doesn’t have a custom mouthguard, their dental health is at risk. Our sportsguards are tailored to your individual smile, and can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Don’t waste time and money on a boilable, over the counter mouthguard that you won’t wear for more than a few minutes. Let our trained dental professionals create a sportsguard that offers optimal comfort and protection, make an appointment at our Greeley, CO practice today.

Oral Cancer Screening

While some instances of oral cancer can be linked to specific behaviors like tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption, one quarter of oral cancer patients do not engage in any of these behaviors. Additionally, most people who suffer from oral cancer are not aware of their condition until it has reached an advanced stage. That’s why we believe oral cancer screenings are an essential part of preventive care. By assessing your smile for signs of oral cancer, we can help patients stay alert to their needs. Our goal is always to diagnose and treat oral cancer as early as possible, and help our patients make a full recovery.

Your Family Dentistry Appointment

Norco Family Dental offers restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry for families who live in the Greeley area. Our Colorado dental practice is conveniently located in Bittersweet Square, on 16th Street. Please make your appointment today!