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Crowns & Bridges in Greeley

At the Greeley restorative dental practice of Dr. Mark Forney, we provide a wide range of teeth replacement options. Utilizing state-of-the-art treatment techniques, biocompatible products, and a trained eye for detail, we can create quality restorations that will improve your health and wellbeing. At our Greeley, CO office, you have several options for making your smile whole and beautiful again—from crown and bridge to partial dentures and dental implants.

Why should you replace your missing teeth? Because missing teeth can result in major oral health problems. For example, the alignment of your bite can change dramatically causing issues with chewing, speaking, and smiling. Not only is it embarrassing to reveal a gap-toothed grin, but it’s also likely you’ll experience problems with your jaw joints because patients with missing teeth experience changes in the alignment of their bite. Patients with one or more missing teeth are more susceptible to developing gum disease or losing additional teeth.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Are you missing a single tooth, or two or three in the same row? Your tooth replacement solution may be a dental bridge, which is also called a “crown and bridge” or “fixed bridge.” A dental bridge is made up of a replacement tooth plus one or more abutment crowns. These crowns are placed onto the teeth neighboring your smile’s gap and serve as the anchors for your permanent bridge tooth. When your bridge is firmly in place, you’ll have a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Would you like to learn more about crowns and bridges and how they can lead to better health? Contact our Greeley dental practice today to reserve your consultation with Dr. Forney. Our team is always happy to meet with patients and answer their questions. We look forward to serving you!