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Michelle Dirks

Dental Assistant

Michelle is one of our lead dental assistants here at Norco and has been in the dental field for almost 20 years! The first thing you’ll notice when you meet her is how happy she is. You’ll know right away that she truly cares about you…and the truth is, she does! She’s been married 18 years, has two wonderful children (one of which is a nationally known race car driver at age 15!!).  In fact, Michelle (also a racer) had a car slam on his brakes in front of her and she subsequently crashed into the wall to avoid him. Needless to say she lost.  

When she’s not doing dentistry, she can be found depositing money into her daughter Hannah’s account after she calls “needing some gas!”. Trust us, we’ve tried to get her to expand to other recipients….but as of today…it’s just Hannah!     

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