Due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, Norco Family Dental is closed to elective dental services.  At this time, due to state restrictions, we are only performing emergency services.  

We are available by phone, email, and the contact from on this site.  If you hare having a dental emergency, please contact us!
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Mara Ontiveros

Dental Assistant

Although one of our newer dental assistants, it didn’t take long for Mara to make her mark as an extremely capable and fast learner.  When she started with us, nobody could pronounce her name (Isamara) so everyone agreed to just call her Mara…and it stuck!  She is completely fluent in English and Spanish so if you feel like practicing your espanol, feel free! 

In her spare time, Mara loves to shop.  When we asked her what her favorite store was, she replied with “Maurices”.  None of us knew what types of things one might buy at Maurices…Mara responded with “good stuff.”  From then on, anytime any of us needs good stuff, we head on over to Maurices.  Mara is also single.  And this is in spite of Dr. Stewart and Dr. Buffington trying to introduce her to worthy single males.  As of yet, we’ve been unsuccessful.  (Her standards are very high.). Mara is also super close with her family (her sister and parents!)

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