Due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, Norco Family Dental is closed to elective dental services.  At this time, due to state restrictions, we are only performing emergency services.  

We are available by phone, email, and the contact from on this site.  If you hare having a dental emergency, please contact us!
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Jordan Fox

Patient Coordinator

Chances are, when you call or visit our office, you'll talk to Jordan first!  You'll recognize right away how friendly and helpful she is, because she truly is helpful and friendly!!!

Couple things about Jordan that she might not tell you right away:  1) if you happen to play the song "Regulators" by Warren G, she'll probably start rapping.  2)  She loves the "J" life (for those that didn't know what that meant, it means "Jeep" life (we had to ask).  She has an awesome blue Jeep that steals the show when she pulls into the parking lot.  3). Her 3 boys call her "Mom Fox".  




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