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Dr. Shawn Buffington, DMD

Dr. Buffington, originally from Kansas has had one heck of an upbringing.  He grew up in a single parent household and bounced around from city to city until he landed in Norco where he met Dr. Stewart.  Before (and even during) this time, he often went without basic necessities like food, transportation to school, and a home.  But he was somehow able to navigate through those difficulties, got an education and became the dentist he is today. Not only is he the only doctor in his family, but he's also the only college graduate. It was his difficult childhood and teenage years that gave him a lot of his drive become successful. In the ways that he received help, he wanted to be able to return the favor to others. Dr. Buffington is always looking for ways to help and bless others lives. You can often seeing him giving his time and resources to help to those in need.  

Dr. Buffington and his wife Emily are the parents of 5 children ranging in ages from 3 to 17. They have a wonderful family and it's clear to anyone who sees them together, that they are finding joy in the journey they navigate together. He also loves football although he wasn't as good as Dr. Stewart growing up.  

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